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Every Child/Adult with a Disablility has a different learning style and pace. Each Child/Adult with a disablilty is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding.

About Us

 Advocating for the Disabled & Consultants is a office located in the City of Corona,CA. We make sure as a staff to help provide affordable assistance to you or your families needs.Our experienced staff help you receive benefits you're entitled to while we provide step-by-step assistance. Our goal is to help you reach the benefits you need whether if it's while dealing with federal, state or school struggles. Many families do not know of the services that can be received so we as a staff group assist you until you are gaining the maximum help you desire. We hold a consultation with you free of charge and throughout the consultation we discuss your case and work with you to make a plan to gain benefits or also simply just secure them. If your case requires a hearing or any sort of assistance we can be present to represent you in your best interest. As a staff we know how difficult it may be to face these things and how frustrating it can get but we make it our task to take on your hardest work and make it ours



                         Hello my name is Araceli Diaz and I will be the one to help guide you throughout your experience. Of course it is important to know who will be the one in charge of your cases and who will be the one to assist you and your family with their needs. I have been advocating for children with special needs for over 20 years. I,myself have two adult children with special needs and they have inspired me to want to help other families gain services as I know how difficult it can be to receive assistance. For many years I had many doors closed on me when i tried to receive help for my children. I later became well knowledged to understand the process and understand what i needed to do to gain all possible assistance and services my child truly desired. I realize how tough it can be when dealing with these certain situations but who better to guide you than someone who has been in the similar situations as well? I will work with you and your loved ones to help reach the needs you desire.




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